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Become a "schizofrère" worthy of the name ...

Get the Official Hip-Hop Beatmaker T-Shirt Nizuk !

Presentation of the official rapper and beatmaker t-shirt Nizuk

To wear the official T-shirt of Nizuk is :

  • Showing support to a beatmaker who has stayed "Boom Bap".
  • Intriguing people around you with this magnificent logo from the movie "Dawn of the dead".
  • Allowing Nizuk to be able to invest in his musical approach by supporting him financially.
  • Feeling yourself and different from people who only listen to trendy "mainstream" music.

Carefully packaged parcel with a set of stickers.

By the way, one of Nizuk's beats hid here!

Official rapper and beatmaker Nizuk,T-shirt in black in color, from S size to XXL size.

Pleasant to wear, this T-shirt contains the logo of Nizuk, itself inspired by one of the zombies in the movie "Dawn of the dead".

Ideal if you like Rap / Boom Bap Hip Hop and if you want to represent Nizuk everywhere you go.

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