It all started on February 12, 2010 ...
I was 19, I was a fan of the Underground scene of American Hip-Hop, especially Necro, Ill Bill, of Wu-Tang, old-fashioned sounds, banging beats and sampler productions SP-1200, Akai s950 and MPC 2000 XL, machines that I did not know yet, in early 2010.
This morning of February 12, I remember sleeping until late in the afternoon, like every day since I was out of school, and without occupation.
The awakening was very sudden, as obvious. I remember sitting up on myself, barely awake and saying: - "Damn! I have to do some necro beats!"
Necro, rappeur et producteur de Brooklyn, NYC.
Necro, rapper and Hip-Hop producer, from Brooklyn, New York.
At the time my sister had a boyfriend who had installed a cracked version of Reason (I really didn't know anything about it ...). I got my hands on this music software, but rather quickly abandoned it for FL Studio, which I used for a year.
When I started out as beatmaker, I knew absolutely nothing about music. I used to draw, it was my other means of expression. I have always had an artistic sensibility.
Suddenly, my productions did not contain any samples, just drum patterns, with horrific screams in the background ... And if I tell you that for me it sounded very bad (which was the case, with the hindsight that I have today, 10 years later) that would be lying. Let's say we all start somewhere.
A little later, I got myself a Ensoniq ASR-10, always influenced by the ruggeuse productions of Necro.
It is with this sampler that I produced the majority of my beats between 2011 and 2016, learning on the job to start using it.
Sampleur Ensoniq ASR-10
The ASR-10, from Ensoniq, among others used by RZA, Necro and Al'tarba (in its Rack version).
I even remember going to the local print shop to print out the owner's manual, a big pad ... which I didn't always clearly understand, but which I read persistently.
It was also in 2011 that I built my home studio and got a microphone Mogami MXL, in order to try my hand at Rap.
I had been writing since I was 15-16 years old and I wanted, and especially needed, to bring out something also in Rap, in addition to the beatmaking.
If I have one regret today, it would be to have cut corners, barely 1 month after having recorded my first text, I put it directly on the web, the result was not there .
The song was recorded in a poor way, I did not know how to put my voice to the microphone and had no basis in audio mixing ... all this in addition to pissing off the neighborhood around, who asked me: "You are the neighbor yelling all afternoon? "
So we are in 2012, and at the time I had just discovered the rapper and beatmaker VII a year earlier with whom I interacted on the Facebook platform on a regular basis.
Neuroleptiques, premier EP du rappeur et beatmaker Nizuk, sorti en 2012.
Cover of Nizuk's first EP, Neuroleptics released in 2012.
This year 2012 saw the light of my first EP "Neuroleptics"which I consider today to be still of poor quality but rather well received by the people who still follow me today, and of whom they are, I think, nostalgic.
It is precisely with VII that I collaborate on the song "Perversion", as well as with Psych ward on another track from this 4 track project.
The cover art is anything but professional, but even with hindsight I find it intriguing. There is the idea.
Of course, it was available for free on the Internet at the time.
Because, even if I sold my first beat in 2010 to a US rapper who was my first client, from my beginnings, I did not plan to market my Rap, I wanted to reach as many people as possible.
Neuroleptics, Polytoxicomania & Psychic Infections ...
Here are project titles from Rap very evocative. We are between 2012 and 2013 and I record my tracks from Rap in my home studio for a little over a year now.
Certainly the flow is "too scholarly" according to some critics, but the background is there: I needed to bring out my dark side in music, on the theme of psychiatry, murders, schizophrenia, severe mental disorders, psychiatric facilities and the population that remains locked there ...
Nizuk has always been more or less familiar with psychiatric services.
At that time, I was in a day hospital, a psychiatric structure where we spend our days with other patients, surrounded by a team of caregivers who teach us to live with our various disorders.
Neuroleptiques, my first 4-track EP, was released in 2012, featuring VII (on the title "Perversion"& Psych Ward.
The title "Nine Years Under Neuroleptics"received very good reviews at the time from people who still follow me today.
Poly-drug addiction closely follows the release of my first EP, and also receives great reviews from the audience that I am building.
Will follow "Psychic Infections"in 2013, still on the same dark themes.
(Oh! A free Boom Bap beat from Nizuk hid in this link !)
Note that during this period, suffering fromagoraphobia, I never left my house, so I spent 90% of my time producing beats and writing lyrics.
I never really looked into the subject of this social phobia, but it won't be long before the release of my first album from 2020.
Looking back, today I find that my very first Rap, are badly finalized, maybe way too raw, and today I tend to rap in a totally different and much more natural way, without having to strain my vocal cords.


Closing of a Chapter, Race Against Death & Nizuk Best Instrumentals Vol. 1 

In 2015 released my first Rap compilation "Closing of a Chapter"in CD format, compiling my previously released EPs:"Amuse Gueule", "Chronic Misogyny"produced by the beatmaker Glock Track, and "Approved By My Schizofrères"including 2 titles produced by the beatmaker Vyda of the crew 7FA7.

Closing of a Chapter, is therefore a 16-track compilation, where the themes of ultraviolence and sex are recurrent.

Sold in CD format throughout France, and even beyond borders, it wants to be the project that closes the chapter of a Aggressive and ultra-dark rap.

Despite this desire to calm my pen, I go out the following year Race Against Death, 4 tracks EP with an exceptional guest: Ill Bill (No phixion, La Coka Nostra, Heavy Metal Kings...), as well as Novatore of Chicago, VII and Imbroglio, and whose main themes are once again violence and psychosis.

Discover Nizuk's collaboration with Ill & Novatore.


At the same time, my beat-tape Nizuk Best Instrumentals (2013-2016), still in CD format with 4 new beats and 2 bonus tracks including the one with Mr Hyde from label to Necro, Psycho + Logical-Records

It was at the beginning of 2017 that my new EP was released, a 4-track project for which I am producing, as always.

As can be seen on the cover, the themes of state of emergency: the title of the project announces it clearly and the background of the cover image which represents the Bataclan in blood-red monochrome is rather evocative.

The same goes for the intro and the outro of the project, which takes up a reworked speech by François Hollande during the evening of November 13, 2015 and the tragic events that shook Paris putting myself in the position of "terrorist" who is "causing carnage" with the release of this project.

The title "Tenacious Spleen"is undoubtedly the best piece of this EP, with a very melancholy but equally gripping instrument.

Later in the year, will be added to my plans for Rap, Advance Offside.

This is also when I briefly change my name, wanting to start on new bases with my music.

By the way, a Boom Bap beat from Nizuk hid here !

Advance Offside is a 5 track EP which also brings together rappers Ill Bill (in a remix of the track Paranoïa produced by myself and on which I accompanied the rapper Novatore for a featuring), Lord Lhus on the song "Game Over" and Mr Hyde from the label to Necro for a remix of the track "Beasts Of The Yellow Night"produced by me for the album of Novatore.

Remained very discreet, this project is very quickly deleted from the networks, just like Emergency state, because that's when I decided to devote myself entirely to Hip-Hop beatmaking.

During the year 2018, I get a sampler Akai s950 as well as a MPC 2000 XL, still with the goal of producing old-fashioned Boom Bap beats.

I take out my K7 Boom Bap Beats Vol. 1 during 2018, designed entirely on these samplers, it is also still available for sale in store !

It's at the end of Summer 2019 that I buy a sampler Ensoniq EPS (13bit sampler), and starts producing massive beats.

Coming out soon after 3 beat-tapes in CD format, first The True Meaning Of Death, then The Demented Loops and to finish The Confined Beats, all available in store.

At the end of 2019, I collaborate with The strange (ex-member of Cas de Conscience) on the track "Strange Verse 3"for which I am doing the production, title available to listen to below.


 In early 2020, the rapper Deadi, in full buzz poses 2 freestyles on my prods.


At the end of Summer 2020 released my new compilation of Rap Collabs Vol. 1, with appearances ofIll Bill (No Phixion, La Coka Nostra), Mr. Hyde (from label to Necro, Psycho + Logical-Records), Lord Lhus, The strange, Imbroglio of Morality, Taf of Artmature, Novatore (Chicago rapper with whom I have worked a lot since 2016), & Koncept The Emcee.

Get now Collabs Vol. 1 below !